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Why Smriti Irani has sent a Legal Notice to Congress Leaders?

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On Sunday, 24th July, The Union Minister Smriti Irani has sent a Legal Notice to Congress Leaders Pawan khera, Jairam Ramesh and Netta D’Souza for the allegations made by them against her 18 year old daughter.Through the notice she has demanded an outright apology and withdrawal of allegations made by them against her daughter.

Allegations Made by Congress Leaders.

ON 23rd July, Congress leaders Pawan Khera, Jairam Ramesh and Netta D’Souza held a joint press conference and told the reporters that Smriti Irani’s daughter Zoish Irani runs a restaurant in Goa which also functions as a bar. They alleged that the bar license was procured by her daughter in June 2022 in the name of a person who died in May 2021 which is 13 month after the death of the licence holder. To support the allegations Congress leader also shared a copy of the show cause notice by the excise department given to the bar. It was also said that the excise officer who issued the notice is being transferred due to pressure. Congress demanded dismissal of Smriti Irani as a Union Minister.

Smriti Irani’s Reaction To The Allegations.

Smriti Irani also held a press conference and said that the allegations are fake against her daughter. She does not runs a bar or has ever applied for issuance of any bar license. She also claims that she did not receive any show cause notice by the Excise Department. The Union Minister in an emotional tone stated that the whole incident is designed to malign her daughter’s character and to defame them. According to Irani the whole fiasco is formulated on the indications of Congress’s cheifs to injure her political personna. She further added that the only gilt of her daughter is that she happens to be the daughter of a person who dares to question Sonia and Rahul Gandhi on alleged National Herald scam and has also beaten Rahul Gandhi from Amethi.

Congress National spokesperson Dr Shama Mohamed and several other Congress leaders expressed their reaction to the aforesaid Notice on twitter.

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